Calculating Chain Discounts

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Calculating Chain Discounts

This Formula Solver! Series program will help you learn how to calculate chain discounts (also known as trade discount series). You can get a step-by-step solution using your own numbers.

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4 Responses to “Calculating Chain Discounts”

  1. shariq hameed says:

    salam…..i m an army officer m doing my mba from virtual uni….i was on field exercises,on return when i checked my uni site i had an assignment of discounting,i got tensed bcoz i missed my lecture relating to discounting due to exercises…but thank GOD who help me in the shape of this site
    thanks a lot
    with best wishes
    Lt Shariq Hameed

  2. Professor Cram says:

    Salam Lieutenant, I’m glad we could help you. Be sure to bookmark us, because we also have alot of other Accounting and Finance review materials of help to MBA students.

  3. Bla says:

    thanks this really helped me in my study and this one is a faster and shorter method

  4. Kieth Jungck says:

    I really like your wordpress template, where did you down load it from?

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