Balance Sheet

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Balance Sheet Financial Statement, Bogus Manufacturing, Inc. example

Learn about the structure and contents of a balance sheet by examining one for the fictitious company Bogus Manufacturing, Inc.

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How to Use the Balance Sheet

Click the "To Learn More" button to access the interactive financial statement, where you can mouse over different terms and sections to learn what they are.

Click the "Statement" button to return to the nicely formatted balance sheet.

Click the "Print" button to get a printout of the nicely formatted balance sheet.



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  1. junaid says:

    Sir i want to know that what is the difference between the trial balance and balance sheet.

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    sir how to do a balance sheet its hard for me to answer all the problem in my book its hard to understand how to get the balance ill try my best to analayze but my answer is always not balance why po kaya?

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