Income Statement – Multi-Step

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Income Statement – Multi-Step, Bogus Manufacturing, Inc. example

Learn about the structure and contents of a multi-step income statement by examining one for the fictitious company Bogus Manufacturing, Inc.

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How to Use the Multi-Step Income Statement

Click the "To Learn More" button to access the interactive financial statement, where you can mouse over different terms and sections to learn what they are.

Click the "Statement" button to return to the nicely formatted income statement.

Click the "Print" button to get a printout of the nicely formatted income statement.



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  1. Belinda Wallace says:

    Where do I put the EPS data on an Multi Step INcome statement, this is my assignment; to create a multi step income statement excel worksheet with EPS data

  2. How to calculate income before taxes on an income statement? says:

    [...]… [...]

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