Calculating Markdown

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Calculating Markdown

Use this Formula Solver! Series program to learn how to calculate price markdowns. Use your own numbers and solve for either original price, markdown rate, or sale price. It’s great for checking your homework answers, too!

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  1. Renz says:

    I am just confused regarding the first equation reflected on the aboved screen. It states that
    Markdown rate = sale price/original price. Then after that to get the sale price multiply both sides with the original price, is it the write one. I can’t come up with the second formula then. Maybe if the formula will be Markdown rate = markdown or discount/original price, the second equation stated aboved screen can be obtained

  2. Jazib says:

    Plz solve this for me, its urgent. Thnx. A file rack costing Rs 98.75 is marked up by Rs 12.75 reduced by Rs.6.30 raised by Rs.3.50 and then sold. Find

    a. The original Retail Price
    b. Final Retail Price
    c. Markup & Markdown
    d. Markdown Cancellation
    e. Net Markdown

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  4. Daemon says:

    Don’t get it

  5. mikia says:

    to caculate the markdown its thye oringinal plus the sales tax. when you get the answer subtract it from the original price and you have your answer

  6. mikia says:


  7. Tom Billotte says:

    I just added this blog site to my feed reader, great stuff. Can’t get enough!

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